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30.07.2019 @ 09:07:06
It was not a ponzi scheme, the strategy was not working and they scamed with the offshore fund by taking a 20% upfront fee they've made around half a million $ just with those 20% upfront fees. They also made some money with the Hotforex referal program and comissions from spread but i think this was peanuts. The scam was saying they knew what they were doing and the offshore 20% comission.
22.01.2019 @ 23:41:17
Sad to know Greenzone turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. Missing that good community though :(
20.06.2017 @ 16:26:12
Hello world! wave Are the eCow etoro Scamers from eToro still the worst Company in the world?! Guess so ... they just can get worse and worse, right? drubbing
21.09.2016 @ 23:45:29
That is sadly correct mapuche - Greenzone Invest is SCAM deluxe and they busted millions of investor money while making cash out of it for themself for years (before they busted). Me and friends lost 5digit sums with those scammers. SO WARNING! Never invest money on greenzone or micheal norse or a guy calling himself webzone!
30.04.2016 @ 04:27:17
You complain about etoro but you promote Greenzone whici is an even bigger money scam. They trap peoples money in offshore company, charge an upfrom deposit fee then loose the money. SCAMERS, only lies from Mickael Norse, this guy is full time professionnal lier. He never traded and made any profit with his own money. In the pamm they had peoples constantly making new deposits greater than withdr
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mapuche Offline   05. June 2014 @ 19:24:08
They're going to raise the prices again. Now they will charge the overweek end fees every day so you may think well ok fine as long as they cut the price by 5 but no they will almost keep the same price as OW but now will charge it every day. maniac With such prices they're killing themselves.
yamyam Offline   05. June 2014 @ 07:05:31
@mapuche: From one of the biggest eToro clowns, named Eran Bomgart, i know (he told me on phone) that eToro may has 3 Million registered accounts (not to guess how many fakes, doubles and dead accounts) while only about 250-300K are trading with real money! The rest are demo accounts.
mapuche Offline   05. June 2014 @ 03:31:52
how many of them have made a deposit, how many have lost all their account and never made a new deposit, how many are still active ? how many are making money ? High quality customer support maniac
mapuche Offline   05. June 2014 @ 03:28:02
I was just looking at the etoro apps in the Google store and in the etoro trader app description they pretend to have tight spread, instant execution, allowing peoples to trade at any time. They also say that opening an account is free (do you know any broker that charge you for opening an account ?). They also pretend to have over 3millions traders
TrueToro-Team Offline   29. May 2014 @ 23:12:15
Today we welcomed Tajikistan as the 106th Nation on TrueToro! (see footer). Affectionate regards to the citizens of Tajikistan! wave
TrueToro-Team Offline   26. May 2014 @ 15:17:42
Today we welcomed Georgia as the 105th Nation on TrueToro! (see footer). Affectionate regards to the citizens of Georgia! wave
yamyam Offline   19. May 2014 @ 20:58:19
News about the probably most hated etoro fanboy called Andrea Canimeo: See here!
Pinocchio Offline   07. May 2014 @ 11:29:11
Trading with account of other etoro-users? No problem: http://www.trueto...read_id=97
yamyam Offline   06. May 2014 @ 11:45:37
Attention Folks! The annyoing and trapping eToro-Clowns are back! perplex
TrueToro-Team Offline   06. May 2014 @ 07:36:35
Today we welcomed Bahrain as the 104th Nation on TrueToro! (see footer). Affectionate regards to the citizens of Bahrain! wave
TrueToro-Team Offline   01. May 2014 @ 10:55:46
Today we welcomed Ecuador as the 103rd Nation on TrueToro! (see footer). Affectionate regards to the citizens of Ecuador! wave
TrueToro-Team Offline   28. April 2014 @ 00:51:48
Thanks to the italian guys from who reported and linked to TrueToro on this page: (translated into english). Special hug to "Donato", who called TrueToro spectacular! hug All our italian friends are invited to register at TrueToro to support us in the fight against the eToro criminals.
BAZINGA Offline   27. April 2014 @ 14:46:47
Dear Team: From your lips to God's ears! eToro has to pay a so big fine that they go bankrupt!
TrueToro-Team Offline   27. April 2014 @ 11:10:41
@Bullshit: And there will come the time where also eToro has to pay multi-million dollar fine or go self-destruction for scaming their customers. And even if there are several black sheeps existing in forex market, TrueToro is basically fighting against the scam and lies of eToro, which are the biggest criminals of all black sheeps. We do not fight against Forex or Trading itself.
Bullshit Offline   27. April 2014 @ 10:47:05
OK Mapuche & yamyam I understand u are extremely p....d off with the toro scam. I am also, but in my experience the only thing fx brokers are "serious" about is getting your money. FXCM, one of the biggest fx brokers was fined $millions for scamming its traders quite recently.Check CySEC and you'll see how many brokers go broke or are on their blacklist. Fx is a complete scam:aga
yamyam Offline   21. April 2014 @ 20:14:57
I have to agree with mapuche as Forex iteself isn't evil, not either all brokers. Most of them are serious and doing a good business. Only eToro is evil and innately dangerous. So please fire and flame against eToro, but not against the whole forex industry and market.
mapuche Offline   21. April 2014 @ 16:45:07
this page is not against Forex but only against Etoro. againstit
Bullshit Offline   21. April 2014 @ 09:26:01
welcome TO THE anti-FOREX movement (AFM) welcome all clever people everywhere ! Fedup with being ripped off by etoro and all other fx brokers? Join the AFM - drop the forex scam teamwork fuckyou Perhaps Truetoro will help us organize the new movement? thanks
Bullshit Offline   21. April 2014 @ 09:20:38
EASTER MESSAGE CONTINUED: idea Stay away from the forex! WHY? Because it is operated by gangsters drubbing who want your CASH and will do ANYTHING to get it. ALL forex brokers are essentially crooks disguised as business people. biggrin They smile at you UNTIL they have YOUR MONEY. Then the smiles go away. Be smart, stay AWAY from the forex crap thumbupLET's start an ANTI-forex MOVEMENT
Bullshit Offline   21. April 2014 @ 09:03:58
Happy Easter everyone wave my Easter message: STAY THE F... AWAY FROM the forex. Specially stay away from the toro forex since it lures innocents to beleive it is an easy way to make money fuckyouGive the forex and toro this finger if you have any sense at all fuckyouand this message tongue Good luck and if you have allready lost much money - its a shame and too bad.If not STAY AWAY!!! cool


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